Few Suggestion


18:16 12/23/2015


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I know other players already mentioned about this bug and future updates

let me write few things...

First, Right now, this game need to fix pk disconnection, disconnection in zones, and lags
When you pk someone in area while in pk mode (if you are trying to pk or not) when you kill players while you fighting heavy hp bosses, you get disconnected. That really sucks. I mean you have to fight all over again.
Honestly, at my situation. comparing 1st day in game to current day (day4) in game, Lagginess got little better (not quite perfect but little little better)

Second, Item mall money and vip costs (additional events regarding to recharge)
Honestly you have few players playing right now. Ultimate vip costs are way too high (some people cannot afford that either). That means just enjoy game but seriously this game cannot be enjoyable because first problem (above)
I think if you guys seriously wants to get little improvement in this game. need to lower costs in item mall and vip.

Third, Free instance tries increase and team instance add
Free instance needs to increase either 1 to 2 or 1 to 3. I think 3 is fine for everybody who is casher or noncasher.
Please add team instance features too this will add more fun in this game.