The Chat Section [suggested]


22:50 12/17/2015


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Hey everyone,
i Would like to suggest a solution for everyone's frustration about the World chat while talking and the cooldown affecting your conversations, it's obvious why it has been made as a rules to wait a minute to say what you want each time (or less) maybe because afraid of spammers, but of course there is not just spammers there is the announcements that get in the way if you don't focus on one Channel.
Of course we understand that but it could be made better as in timing maybe change it to 15 seconds, or better thing is to make impossible to repost the same thing you have posted on your previous post.
Apart from the timing there is that Annoying button "Send Coordinates" that only appears when you highlight the chat entery section if you want to talk fast and forget about it you going to be sending your Coordinates without you wanting it to and thus waiting the CD of the Chat which is irritating, an idea that i thought of why not remove that button and make on Map Window or Have a shortcut keys like (Ctrl+"mouse click on the Map").
Now the "Speaker Announcer" you can't use more then 32 Characters in it and thats like having it for nothing, players can use it for announcing their vendor, and it might take more then 32 Characters so you don't have to use all your Speakers.
And those "Ingame Problems" "Suggestions" Buttons they can be added to a Window that appears when you Click on the GM button which can be associated with Support links buttons "or" "and" Community Section which i'm sure none will bother to because they can do it from the Home page.
Thats all thank you for reading