How to CLEAR CACHE & use Private/Incognito Mode on Browsers


20:29 12/08/2015

GM Steve

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Sometimes you need to clear your browser's cache or force a refresh to update game content and check if things are working properly or not.

Below you will find some guides that will help you clearing your browser cache or force a refresh to discard the current cache.

  • Force a Reload (Bypass cache)

This option forces your browser to reload all data in most of cases it work and discard your current cache for that site.

See the link:

  • Manually Force Your Browser to Clear the Cache

First you close the your game then try these steps to forcibly delete the cache.

See the link:'s-Cache

  • How to Activate Incognito/Private Mode in Many Browsers

Generally this mode allows you to access a site/content loading all data (not using the current cache).

See the link:

I hope this will help you. ^_^
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