Exclusive Gears Guide


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Exclusive Gears Guide

* Remember to REFINE your gear or it won't level up!
* Exclusive gears wont be lost after upgrading heroes! So upgrade it any time and enjoy.
* Exclusive Gear max level is 10.

To synthesize exclusive gear first open "Hero interface"

Then choose Hero you want to Synthesize exclusive gears.

Then click on Exclusive Gear Icon

You will need to have all required materials before you can Synthesize . You can get them from Energy Treasure.

It requires special item as well which can only be redeem with Diamonds or Energy coins.

After you get all required items just click on Synth.

You can refine with all the unwanted gears items or the specific items like Common metal, Moon Ores and Cosmos Titanium. Just select the unwanted items and click Refine. Refine will consume some gold. After refining the items you will get extra attributes and will level up your gear.

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