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03:11 11/20/2015


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Dear Users,

Welcome to the Attachment 4658 (Vet) Program! Do you have a desire to improve the AMZ community by helping other players, providing useful answers, and working as a team? This program is designed to give players the opportunity to make a difference in the community they are playing in.

Attachment 4658 (Vets) are in-game helpers that answer game play questions and report larger issues or game suggestions to the GMs which handle your tickets, and the issues posted on forum.

There are some criteria to meet before applying, so here's what we're looking for in a Vet:

-An expansive knowledge of the game.
-A high level of written English or occasionally to be fluent in a needed language for our players.
-Ability to work well in a group and communicate clearly.
-A positive personality and a general enthusiasm for games.

We also have some rules and requirements for our Vets. We want to have a good team that blends well, so if you are applying to be a Vet this is what will be required of you to be accepted:

-18 years of age or older
-Non-disclosure of employment. This means you cannot tell anyone that you are a Vet.
-Minimum hours of helping other players ingame as a Vet weekly.

If you think you're a good fit, please fill out the application linked below.

Click to go to Application form

Please Fill all the requested information.

Note: Anyone who was chosen for interview will receive a pm ingame from AMZ GM team with further instructions. Please make sure to respond and follow the instructions carefully. Do not post about it on forum or world chat. Discussions are made only in private messages. (And note that we will never ask for your login information or banking information).




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Sir/Mam I really wanna be a instructor I like the game very much and wanna help others understand it and enjoy it to their fullest I am usually available 12hrs or more per day. And I have knowledge about most of the basics of the game But I have been applying continuously for 4 times but no responce was recived. If you don't mind can you plz inform me what are my lacks so I will try and improve it?




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S3 Daywalker

Hi all, I already complete and send the application form twice, hope I have news from you  :)




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hi i would like to be a instructor :) im from other felspire server but i will stay here for a player need thanks :)

IGN.s32 XSphinxX

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