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*** Work in Progress ***

Still Looking for some S grade heroes picture and info : YouGonLose / Sentry / Starry , Send me a Pm if you wish to help finish this guide in short time and you have those heroes (or a image in the same format as the other heroes for Jennie Gray / Red Fury )

First i will give a temporary picture about purple item level (you see in the image 2 armor with a * , they are the same item, but you get an idea how to recognize it on the heroes pictures), i apologize for the terrible quality of this image, will improve in future.

Green Gene

- Angry Ant

Dex Hero - Front position - 2 Magic Damage Skill

As you can see this hero suffer of the major disadvantage to be blocked till 53 to upgrade to purple, usually not much considered (due to the rock / sabertooth with stun effects and better front position), but still this hero comes with a real good 45% leech damage base

- The Rock

Str Hero - Front Position - 3 Magic Damage Skill (2 of them are stun)

Front position with high armor and low resistance, good stun (1 by ultimate 1 in normal chain skill), one of the fastest hero to go blue+2, slowing then till 45 for purple and slowing even more on the fact "Veronica's hand" require level 65 to upgrade him to purple+1

- Sabertooth

Str Hero - Front Position - 1 Ultimate Physical damage - 1 stun magic damage

Front position with kinda low defense till he hit purple upgrade, but come with a good 31% leech and a self heal on his normal skills combined with 2 stun.
Biggest upset is the requirement of level 70! to wear the "Gugnir" allowing him to reach purple+1

- Miss Buzz

Int Hero - Middle Position - 2 Magic Damage Skill - 1 Physical Damage Skill

Really High damage dealer hero, really low survivability and lack of any sort of crown control, Book of summoning 2 make her need level 63 to upgrade to purple+1

Black Spider

Dex Hero - Middle Position - 2 Physical Damage Skill

Good Damage dealer, with unique ability to increase atk speed of 3 heroes in the group, sadly she's quite squishy and require protection due to her middle position and she's quite slow to upgrade (44 to reach blue+2 and 64 for purple+1)

- Blip

Dex Hero - Middle Position - Ultimate without damage source ? - 1 Physical Damage Skill

Lowest hp hero of the game, with an interesting ultimate making a random enemy go in front position for few second, kinda low damage with a 30% leech, her self dodge as 4th skill still dont save her from her squishy being
Her upgrade levels are kinda terribad too, (44 for blue+2 / 64 for purple+1)

- The Archer

Dex Hero - Back Position - 3 Skill Physical

High damage but he's mostly a single target dps guy, amazing 45% leech to assure him survivability and good burst damage on single target, his main drawback is the requirement of level 44 to go for blue+2 and a damned 66 for purple+1

- Cat Lady

Int Hero - Back Position - 1 Energy Drain Magic Damage

Full support hero, underated due to skill mainly focused on stall the game, she has 1 shield (random ally target, may target back hero as front one making it unreliable), 1 Energy drain, her ultimate making her fade away, and the 4th skill is an increase Matk for all ally on purple.
She require level 59 to go purple+1 making her a usual choise for easy achievement

- Electro Shock

Int Hero - Back position - 4 Magic Damage Skill

Classic damage dealer for everyone, high battle rating, he almost always have 1 item increasing his hp, he has no Crown control skill of any sort, start to fall behind damage side after 50's, compared to other high damage dealers.
Book of summoning 2, make him need level 63 to upgrade to purple+1
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