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League Guide

You can unlock League function after you reach Level 25 to Join/Create a League click on the League Icon.

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If you want to join a League just select the one of your preference and click on Apply.

If you want to create a League press Create Input your league name and select the League Icon you wish. Creating a League costs you 100 Diamonds

Note: Please avoid improper names or words for your League.

- Choose your League's name and symbol. Then click the CREATE button

- In a League you have these options:

Item A - LIST: List the league's members

Item B - ASSIGN: You assign your heroes to work in League, it allows fellow members to hire the heroes. The heroes Assigned generate GOLD with the time. You must collect the GOLD to receive it. Avoid assigning a hero for more than 60 hours, the gold count may reset. Maintenance resets ASSIGNed heroes, so collect your GOLD before maintenances.

Item C - DUNGEONS: Access the Dungeons, when the Boss is killed GEMs will be available in TROPHY to be disputed by members.

Item D - RECORD: Show records of the league's activities.

Item E - TROPHY: Gems available to be claimed. There is a limited quantity of gems, check the OWNED value. The players will be in a queue, the first players to apply will receive the gems during the distribution time.

Item F - ADMIN: This button is available for Leader and Officiers to manage the League

Item G - LEAVE: Members and Officiers can leave the league by this button, you will get an 1 hour cool down to apply for a new League

Item H - ANNOUNCEMENTS: Only Leader can edit it

Item I -  MEMBERS: The members are showed there, when the LIST button is showed.

Item J - DISPATCHED HEROES: Dispatch your heroes to fight in Star Relics

Item K - STAR RELICS: Access the leagues battle function

Item L -  SHOP LEAGUE:  Access the League's Shop

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