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Players who reach VIP 3 will get Wings for free.
You can upgrade wings with Feathers.
You can use Wings Soul at wings stage level 2.
You can use Wings Spirit at wings stage level 3.
Upgrade your Wings to get new Wings and improve your B.R!

If VIP Expires, you do not lose wings, however you will not be able to upgrade them.

New wings do not equip automatically
You can change your wings at anytime by Going to Hero > Wings > pressing 'Equip' on the wings you'd like to display. The stats do not change.

Wing Spirits add 1% to your base stats on your wings, it does not stack.
Example: you use 5x Wing Spirits, they will all add the same BR.
The higher the stage, the more useful Wing Spirits are.
You can find these in Boss Rush and the Diamond Consumption Event.

There is a lucky day once a week, where you can buy 50 feathers for 150 diamonds, and you obtain 10% extra EXP on this day.. it is best to save your feathers throughout the week and use them on this day.

Wings of Icarus

Demonic Wings

Wings of Vengance

Celestial Wings

Phoenix Wings

Ultimate Wings

Angelic Wings

Phantom Wings

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