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This games guide does a decent job of letting one know the basic so if one is new just go to the game guide its basic but it does give you a lot of instead of a guide I will give tips and tricks that I have learned over time and from others. This is only my humble views it can differ from person to person. I am not a casher I have just enough to get Vip's and some Important stuff so I will be mainly addressing to free/NEW players and other like me.

Some important basics
Pet switching - here different pets are moved around to get maximum bonus like experience , gold , crystals. 100% is the maximum possible.
Goddess switching - changing goddesses during fights to maximize damage/defense
Rune switching - changing elemental runes during or before a fight against elemental bosses.
SMithy - Use Smithy to combine Socket Jewels and save inventory space
Level Up .
Best place to level is the Inferno space gives you easy 800k,1200k,1600k and with 100% XP pets(devkong)
1600k,2400k,and 3200k respectively.
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Daily Quests are a good way to increase your XP if you are looking for leveling then try and go for 5 star quests it will cost you 50k but gives 2m to 2.5m of Xp.
Pray for the King event gives ones easly around half a million XP at Lower levels which is useful.
Other places for XP are Infinity Tower and solo dungeons.
Last but not the least is AFK at cursed palace, the trick is to cast out as many spells as possible so get your wabbit pets as soon as possible to keep up with mana consumption.
This is an awesome XP event winner guild takes 5m XP and the 2nd,3rd , 4th take 3m,2,1m respectively please note the minimun requirement for the event is 5 minutes. So in 5 minutes you can get easy XP !Many ignore this since they think that only winning guild gets rewards but all get Xp rewards.

Gear Up
Enhancements give decent stats and are readily available but they use stamina so use wisely. You only get 440 STA per day in which you will have to use almost 300 STA minimum for Tartarus and Elemental Dungeon the remaining is what you get to solo dungeons and getting your enhance jewels.
I would give first preference to forging gear because it give us access to next tier of equipment. If you have to choose between enhance and forge always go for forge.
They give good stats depending upon the level of equipment which in turn depends on how you forged and what tier your equipment are.Each time you generate a virtue you can chose to replace the current virtue. If you want to level your virtues to maximum level then keep replacing till you have reach the desired stars. After that replace to get desired stats also if you have diamonds to spend you can lock virtues that you don't want changed.
Using enchant jewels one can enchant an equipment to max 50 stars and the stats/BR you get out of them is amazing. Now the problem is that enchant jewels can be found on daily basis but in a limited quantity from Immortal combat,Boss rush (Max 20) and the Kings Bounty. If you are good at last hitting then the more thiefs you get the more chests you can open the more Enchant jewels you can get.
Early game when getting BR is hard, sockets give you nice amount of stats and BR. Make sure to get Socketing rod from guild shop.

In this game higher gold means higher BR. You can worship your Goddess as well as upgrade your pets(Which after the recent patch have been buffed greatly).
Racoon are the goto GOLD pets.
Treasure Palace
This gold dungeon is lvl dependent also to maximise the gold, use 100% gold pets even if you dont have 100%. try to Equip all four racoons to maximise gold gains.
Easy way to get gold if lucky u get 5 or 10 times production.

Other Places.
Tartarus - This dungeon produces only GOLD no XP. So you can after completing it in 3star with friends help. Switch to max gold pet racoons and blitz it to get maximum gold gains.
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Infinity Tower -This produces gold as well as XP..
You have got 10 goddess in this game till now.
If you are a free player you have access to 6 goddess.
If you recharge for one time you get access to Venus which is a one of the best goddesses in the game.
Now goddess give u bonus stats with increases your BR and also each goddess comes with a skill that can help you in fights. The main thing with the goddess is to bond them yes you can worship then too but at later stages it will cost too much just to worship them. Goddesses give a great BR increase they only give 3 stats ATK DEF and HP .. There can be many strategies like upgrade only one goddess like Victoria that will give you good damage output during DI (demon Invasion) and also useful in PvP. The other strategy being a balanced bond and worship of all goddess, what this gives is better stats which translates into better BR . but the individual goddess will be comparatively weaker to a higher bond and worshiped goddess. Now this will effect you during the initial stages of the game where having one high level goddess will make some major difference but as the game progresses the high damage dealing Victoria will make way for Nemesis because the damage that Victoria deals will be much smaller compared to the damage that a player will deal when the opponent have -50% Armour .
The other important point is goddess switching, many ignore this but this is a very important when against Strong bosses.Like for example right now I am at 106 th boss in elemental dungeon these bosses are so much stronger what I have is average BR and low average runes the only way a non casher to beat them is by switching Initially in IC (Immortal Combat) we could switch goddess which resulted in pretty awesome combos. Now its been removed so in PvP like IC and arena you cannot switch goddess.
Pets are very important part of BR equation the stats increase gives you increase in all the 5 stats unlike goddesses that don't give dodge and critical. Also even if you are a non casher you can upgrade it daily with visible BR increase unlike mount where you will be stuck because of mount blessing jewel and wings because daily feathers won't increase your daily BR.

The strongest pet is Wabbit it has maximum BR gain per level. Raccoon is a defensive pet that gives defense and dodge increase.
Devkong is an attack pet that gives attack and crit
Blitzfox is the strongest pet next after wabbit that gives attack, defense and critical.
Strongest pet formation will be 4 wabbits then 4 Blitzfox . A balanced one would be 2 Wabbits 1 Devkong 1 Raccoon

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At what guild level can you start buying socketing rods from guild shop? Or rather what is the guild requirements needed for socketing rods to start appearing in guild shop?

Also since enchanting jewel max is 20 can be obtained from boss rush as mentioned in this guide, can I know what is the max amount of iron ore you can obtain from boss rush?

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  • Anonymous20770274 socket rods can only be bought from shop..either bound diamonds max per day is 20 pieces at 40 bound diamonds each or you can buy them in shop for 20 unbound diamonds each

    12/13/2016 08:51