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You'll unlock pet fuction after you reach Level.27

In this game, are some creatures which can give you differente benefits like: Make you stronger giving you their stats, they give you bonus for more EXP, Gold and Crystal, also can make your MANA Regen faster, but one of the most important they can do for you is to pick up all the drops for you in the floor.

Our game will give you 1 trial pet Class A, named Wabbit, he will be a very good partner picking up all your items, but remember two things: you can not Level him up and he will leave you after you reach Lvl 37.

Now lets see which pet we have:

Raycoon: Increases obtained Gold bonus, Best stats: Defense and Dodge
Ratking: Increases your total MP, Best stats: Attack and Critical
Blitzfox: Increases obtained Crystal bonus, Best stat: Defense
Wabbit: Increases your MP Regen, This best has beter stats than any other
Devkong: Increases EXP from killing monster, Best stats: Hp and Attack

Note: Ratking has the best attack, Rayccon has the best defense [Excluding wabbit]

After you reach lvl 27 you will be able to acces to pet panel pressing the keyboard buttom "P"

Here is the "Follow" Panel where you will be able to deploy your pets, watch their total bonus and stats given to you

A: Slots where you can deploy your pets, there is a MAX of 4 pets you can deploy, Set the option Callback to the pet you want to summon, I recommend to always have a Class A+ pet Calledback, so it will pick the items up for you (Class A+ Pet on "follow" state won't pick up the items)

B: These are the total amount of Extra stats that you actually have from your pets, remember max extra bonus for EXP, Gold and Crystal is 100% (if you have more than 100% for example: 120% It will show you that you have 120% extra EXP,Gold or Crystal but you'll only gain 100% bonus)

Wabbit at Ratking have no limit but if you get 4 of them with maxed skills you can get: 45 MP per second as max MP Regen and +500 more MP

C:Pet Formation Will be unlock at LV.47, This fuction increase the % of the stats that your pets give to you, it starts at 100% of the stats and you can level it up from there, you will need Magic Jewels to upgrade your formation, every level will increase +1% the stats and every 5 Lvls you must use Formation Origin to keep leveling your Formation, Formation Origin can be bought at Honor Shop


For daily dungeon Inferno Space, deploy 4 Devkongs to gain +Exp
For daily dungeon Treasure Palace, deploy 4 Raycoons to gain +Gold
For daily dungeon Goddess Guardian, deploy 4 Blitzfox to gain +Crystal.

Note: For Treasure Palace and Goddess Guardian, Leave atleast a Class A+ pet to pick the items up.


Level Up:

A: Basse attributes: actual stats that the selected pet gives to you

B: To use the Feed option you need to have a Pet Food , and it will level your pet 1 Lvl,

C: When this icon is activated it means your pet will loot the items for you (Only for Class A+)

D: Skill Level: this determine how good is your pet's bonus every, Skill level gives you +5% Bonus (in Gold,EXP and Crystal) and +0.5 (In MANA Regen), you can upgrade this skill with Pet Skill Book Which can be obtained at Bound Diamond Shop, and offers

EXP: Shows you how much exp your pet needs to reach the next level.

Class D Pets give 5,00 Exp
Class C Pets give 1,000 Exp
Class B Pets give 2,000 Exp
Class A Pets give 4,000 Exp

You must use pets with the same class or lower of the pet that you want to level.

E: Upgrade a pet means to increase his Class (Only Class B+ pets can be upgraded)

From Class B to Class A you need 450.000 Gold and x20 Class A Upgrade potion
From Class A to Class S you need 800.000 Gold and x50 Class S Upgrade potion
From Class S to Class SS you need 1.250.000 Gold and x100 Class SS Upgrade potion

Note: Wabbit pet has special Upgrade potions



This is where yo uget your Pets, on normal Hatch you can obtain pets from Class D until Class A, you'll get 3 free hatches everyday after server reset and you can unlock the 10-Hatch buttom with VIP 5 or reaching Lv 45, now in advanced Hatch you will get pets from Class B until Class S and you'll have 1 free advanced hatch every 22 Hours

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I need to ask when you upgrade pet from "Class A" to "Class S" or "Class S" to "Class SS", what will happen to the pet's "skill level", example "Class A" pet skill level is skill level 4, then next I give it "Pet Skill Book" so now "Class A" pet skill level is upgraded from skill level 4 to skill level 5, later in game I managed to get enough "Class S Potion" to upgrade pet "Class A" skill level 5 to pet "Class S", now come to the important question, on the pet "Upgrade screen" preview it show the skill "Class A" Pet Skill level 5 on the left side and to the right side which show the preview for what happens if you upgrade as "Class S" Pet Skill level 5, but it is suppose to be "Class S" Pet Skill level 6 because I give it a pet skill book before, is it to say all pet skill book give at "Class A" or "Class S" is all wasted when upgrade to the next class unless it is at highest "Class SS"?




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For pet class A,S,SS minimum skill lv 4,5,6 , if old pet have more skill lv , then it carry forward to upgraded pet (you cant lv up skill on B pet)




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Oh so it works like that, thank you for answering my question as it has been troubling me for a few days whether I should upgrade my pet Class A skill level or not hehe.

Another question, do you still remember how many pet skill books it cost for each pet skill level up?