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Mount unlocks at Level 20
Maximum level of mount is Stage 10 Star 10

Mount Jewels can be found in Team Dungeon, Tartarus, Siege (Winner only) & Kings Bounty chests
Mount Blessing Jewels are found in B.Diamond Shop 1/day, in Shop/Boost tab and in Secret Merchant, there is sometimes a sale which costs 150 Diamonds for 3 Mount Blessing Jewels.

There sometimes is a lucky day, where you can buy 60 mount jewels for 20 diamonds, and you obtain 10% extra EXP on this day... it is best to save your jewels throughout the week and use them on this day.

Mount Spirits add 1% to your base stats on your mount, it does not stack. Example: you use 5x Mount Spirits, they will all add the same BR. The higher the stage, the more useful Mount Spirits are. You can find these in Boss Rush and Diamond Consumption Event!

Silver Bear

First Breakthrough is 2 Mount Blessing Jewels - Silver Bear (FREE)


Second Breakthrough is 8 Mount Blessing Jewels - Tyrannosaur (2)

Vigor Cattle

Third Breakthrough Stage 3 10 Star is 15 Mount Blessing Jewels - Vigor Cattle (8)


Fourth Breakthrough Stage 4 10 Star is 30 Mount Blessing Jewels - Panda (15)

Spectral Tiger

Fifth Breakthrough Stage 5 10 Star is 50 Mount Blessing Jewels - Spectral Tiger (30)

Ancient Mammoth

Sixth Breakthrough Stage 6 10 Star is 70 Mount Blessing Jewels - Ancient Mammoth (50)


Seventh Breakthrough Stage 7 10 Star is 90 Mount Blessing Jewels - Scorpion (70)

Burning Unicorn

Eighth Breakthrough, Stage 8 10 Star is 110 Mount Blessing Jewels - Unicorn (90)


Ninth Breakthrough Stage 9 10 Star is 135 Mount Blessing Jewels - Phoenix (110)


The Final Mount (Stage 10) is Dragon (135)

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