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13:59 05/28/2017


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Kitwritten hi!

How are u?How are the things going!I dont know if you are still in charge or with whom I have to talk but since noone takes care about us I will explain what we will do!

AS i TOLD YOU months ago in our server we have problems we the BLUE faction have 4 active players ,yellows have 25 active players and reds have 30 or more active players and they play arrogant,selfish,egoistic and sensless way.

So ,now what is going to happen in our server?

I am the king ,all the events and upgrading depends on me!

Reds have 10 or more VIP players that are spending money,Yellows have nearly the same!

So in the moment you have 30 players that are VIP that will not move and will not upgrade anything if you do not help us!

I will stop any attemp of upgrading the factions in our server,I dont care if you can influate the devs or the admins !

I will stop paying and I will make a special blog in which Ii will explain how you guys do not care about your VIP players!

I didnt want to do this!But YOU DONT GIVE A HACK about us!

So From tomorrow I am starting this!

There is a waay to stop everything ,just help us ,make a merge make other conditions for the Crusade and for the FQst!You never contact us ,you never asked us if we need something!

So I dont mind ,just contact me!


I like war!




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Simply, merges are up to the devs, not AMZ. we have requested merges, we have no other information




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give us then a contact to talk to those who decide not with someone just pass the ball, this is not a football game we want to talk to someone have weight with the game




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Try, there is no way for players to contact the games developers themselves