To the attention of red fraction , AGUSS ,FIREONICE ....etc amen1


11:21 05/28/2017


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Hi guys ,Fireonice,especially AGUSS and everyone from the red faction!

How are you?Whats going on?Do you feel good when you play and win a battles?

Ok,now because you play in a very arrogant ,selfish and narcistic way,which is very strange for me ,but it is OK.

I want to tell you that ,if you do not change the cruel and sensless way that you play I will not upgrade our faction.

May be you have seen that I have 18 characters,and I am the king ,so we will not make the points to upgrade and will not upgrade for ages our faction.

Why am I doing this ,because it is obvious that we need the points to upgrade but always you fight so severe with us that may be you will win 1mill dollars,(I am sure you will).

So if you change your attitude or tactics,if you need to chat with me I am always ready I will do it with pleasure ,otherwise you will wait untill we decide or the chance or by GODS will we make the rest of the points and the you can upgrade!





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Hi sevast that such, I am fireonice and I am looking at the level 3 and I see these msj, I play to levear, and now that I am strong I make myself worth all over the map, as I have endured everything you can imagine both blue And yellow, that left us 100 specters on the door and we could not leave, now that we are strong I in my case I always want to see if they continue as before, but for what we are seeing, now that we grew up just staving off all the atrocities More yellow than blue we hold, and now turned around and we see that they do not play as before because they do not last us as before, I have also seen many yellows playing in reds and blues, they only do it to try to fuck reds, Only that they won is not to grow their accounts and help us to become stronger, my game is not arrogant, for example I did before time technology that I remove gems from coffers and still I need gems, that is why I will always destroy but Not only blue cities but I specialize in the ducks, for their pride, nothing sevast, greetings




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Sevast dont speak with these people. Is absurd, they are hackers specially AGUSS14RED.