Allegiant Airlines Refund Policy


06:57 11/22/2022


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  • The airline's ticket refund policy states that you can cancel your eligible tickets for free and receive a full refund within 24 hours of booking if you do so within that time frame. The flight must, however, depart at least seven days after that time.

  • Imagine you want to cancel and then request a refund after 24 hours. The cancellation fee will then be taken from the price of your original ticket if you fail to pay it.

  • Additionally, any additional expenditures like luggage, hotels, transportation costs, or taxes will still be non-refundable if your booking doesn't meet the conditions.

  • Subject to Allegiant Airlines refund policy, the remaining credit from the cancelled ticket is refunded as a future travel voucher.

  • Travel security bookings made through Trip Flex require passengers to request the appropriate amount of return credit based on the timing of their booking and cancellation.

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