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The home icon can be found at the bottom of the screen at the right.

Items that are produced, are color coded, starting with white, green and blue, blue items are worth more than white items but do cost more in resources to make.

White are also primary items. IE you make leather, plant fibre, wood, steel and ivory in the factory.

Green are secondary items. IE you use the plant fibre and leather to make oil, and wood to make planks in the sawmill. also you use leather and steel to make drills in the blacksmith

Blue are third class items IE You use the planks, drills and oil to make crossbows in the weapons factory

In the home you will see the following buildings

1) Factory. You will start here by making metal and wood. It takes a hour to produce each item. As you level up the factory, you will unlock more slots for producing items. Different items can be made based on your home level

2) Black smith. This can be used to make enhanced items. Second stage requires home level 3 and 1000 house coins

3) Sawmill. This can be used to made wooden items. second stage requires Home Level 3 and 500 house coins.

4) Weapons Factory AKA Weapons R US. Yes its for making weapons. Requires home level 3 to open.

5) The training ground. Where you can send your eidolans for a good work out

Training takes 12 hours  2000 house coins required to level up the training ground

6) The spa. you and other players can use your spa to relax and chat while you regen stamina at the rate of one stamina per minute up to the max stamina. This is in addition to the normal stamina claim rewards and the normal stamina regen. It is capped so the small hot spring will give 100 stamina per day

Med hot springs

Regens 120 stamina. Cost is 600 diamonds to upgrade.

Large hot springs

Regens 140 stamina. Cost is 1000 diamonds to upgrade.


Minister: They are near your spa. They have a list of low level weapons and buildings you can make, Making the weapons and buildings, give you home leveling exp.

Home House keeper Betty: she will tell you the level and status of all your buildings.

Home shop is found to the level of the factory, they sell some items that may be of interest to you

Onion Boy: 3 x PvE fight where you can get onions and mushrooms for devouring in the temple for soul to level up Eidolans.

At the bottom right of the home screen is the tool bar

Home Market will show you the market for buying and selling items.

Home Warehouse will show you your current warehouse inventory

Orders will show you the current orders you have.

Home shop will take you to the shop

Home Pets will show you your current pets ( unlocks at level 5 home )

Housekeeping will take you to the housekeeper

Prism Bridge ( can buy pets in shop at home level 5 but prism bridge opens at house level 6 )

Pine nut will give you a 3 minute reduction in build times.

Next go to the prism bridge by the house keeper. You can do a pet adventure that has a timer of 2 hours.

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But how do you level up your Home?




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Minister: They are near your spa. They have a list of low level weapons and buildings you can make, Making the weapons and buildings, give you home leveling exp.

There is a exp bar at the bottom of the screen that will tell you how much exp you have and how much more you need for the next home level......  the other buildings are leveled up using house coins

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How do you level up your schooling in your pet academy?  IE move from Elementary to Middle School to University then College




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You just need to keep training your pet in pet academy. The first time you train a pet's skill slot will put it in elementary. Train that skill slot a second time to put it in middle school level, and train it a 3rd and 4th time to put it into university and college level respectively. I'm currently working on a guide specifically for pet academy since this appears to be a common question.

RIP old forums

Old CoA guides currently being reformatted to fit new forums




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