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04:57 05/14/2017


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Hi ..... im S58.Chronos and i will ask about why [Excalibur] and some event like [Zombie siege] doesnt complete???
i go in excalibur in click socket and it said stay tuned how many server should be release before it will be tuned up and in the main quest zombie siege lvl 40 + i complete the quest but why turnip showed up !!!! it is another bug ??
and in our guild the 3 events there.... what??? level can we unlock that so many server now release but that event stay lock....and i saw some wrong spelling in the game like nezhe card instead of nezha and worrior instead of warrior
and pls realease a new event for especial purposed and a new item will be given in the future event that will be create ^.^
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Some events are still lock due to devs have not finish them up or for some it might not be introduce at all in game but it does not mean without those content you cant enjoy the game.

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