[Checking} Cant continue game after lvl 15 main mission evolve young galahad,


13:22 04/20/2017


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Hi, after lv15 mission it want me to evolve young galahad, after i lvled it up i got dced /reloged and now i am stucked on this quest and cant click anywher else, it keep put me to evolve galahad screen and if i click evolve it just say evolution  requeires integrating all materials, cant close it, cant click on stadium /get material, after relog cant click anywhere only on evolve again.. help pls
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 have you tried to clear the browser's cache? Try it and check if the problem is solved (a little guide on clearing cache: http://forum.amzgame.com/thread/detail?id=11630).

  If the problem persists, please post a screenshot and provide your in-game name. 

Thank you.


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Remember to provide the game, the server, your in-game name and screenshots when

reporting issues. Also, provide detailed info (what happened, what

should happen, what was lost, what was supposed to get, server time, etc.)




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I am having the same problem, I have cleared cache and still can't go any further in game

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