Stumble Guys Game Review


04:33 09/17/2022


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Stumble Guys is a multiplayer knockout game with a lot of customization options. It was released in October 2021 for PC, and its developer says the game attracts 18 million daily users. It has already been downloaded more than thirty million times and generated more than $6.6 million in user spending. The game is addictive and can be played with your friends, too.

The game features a multiplayer mode, allowing 32 players to play at the same time. The challenge is to get past the various obstacle courses and knockout your opponents. As a result, players will earn points for beating their opponents. In addition to being free to play, it can also be played without installing anything.

While Stumble Guys is similar to Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout, it is also a bit different. Stumble Guys has different features and requires more practice to master the game's various challenges. Unlike Fall Guys, it allows players to customize their characters. Players can also earn different skins and bonus items by winning games. The game can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android. It has also undergone several updates, which have added new game modes and improvements.

While Stumble Guys was initially launched for mobile devices, it soon began to receive attention on PC and PS4 systems. Since then, downloads of the game have skyrocketed. In June, the game was downloaded more than thirty million times. As of June 25, there were over fifteen million players playing on PC and mobile. The game is free on both iOS and Android, and is available on Steam as well.




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