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02:31 03/31/2017


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Hi amz, hope all of you have a nice day. I come from server 79 and I'm s79.Niko, come here with 2 bugs I found out on my server.

The first bug is monsters in Cursed Palace. When I go on afk mode my character attacks monsters and for a while, a monster gets bug and he is still standing there with HP does not slow down, that leads to my character keeps hitting him and I cannot kill many monsters around. When I switch back to manual mode, that monster dies and switch again to afk mode -> another monster will be like the previous one - HP does not slow down to be killed.

I provide you with screenshots (notice the server time, around 1 min and the monster is still alive), and I did cleared my history and caches. And I had seen many players in Cursed Palace got the same bug as me.



Next bug is from team defense. I entered Maria room with Athena deployed. I went on afk mode and my char attacked the Maria Goddess while monsters are the targets, later on I have to switch on manual mode and when I press number 2 skill, the first target my character got is still goddess Maria???/!!! This is really annoying me.

Though this is a common small bugs, but I would be very grateful if you can solve the problem.

Best wishes,


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Hi Niko ,

Its call lag/cache bug (not real bug) .... if you dont clear cache of your browser time to time or open more than 1 game page then sometimes it happen . Best to refresh the game page after clearing the browser cache

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    04/01/2017 11:15