How do I sign up to get an NFL Account


04:52 03/08/2022


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  1. Download the NFL App on your Xbox first.
  2. Then, in the menu and look for the option that will turn on the channel.
  3. Now, click on it, and then choose the provider of your choice from the dropdown menu.
  4. It will show the activation code in your screen. Make note of the code.
  5. You can now turn on your laptop or phone by visiting nfl/activate
  6. You'll have to input the activation code into the box that is provided.

This will enable you to enable NFL Channel on Amazon Fire TV as well as Playstation 4, Android, and Xbox. More information is available on




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Now, click on it and then select the service provider of your choosing from the dropdown menu that appears. The activation code will be shown on your computer screen. Make a mental note of the code number driving directions.




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