Guards Escort bug


13:34 02/13/2017


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My in-game name is Yamen Sabry Server 15 .. i just wanna report a bug in the Gaurds Escort system.
Sometimes i don't get any tokens or rewards at all from green escorts , it happened 3 times in a row just few minuets before writing this thread , it also happened before few times but i didn't care to report it , i have found no new attacks in the battlelog .. i don't want the tokens back or anything just letting you know so you would fix it .
Great game btw , hope it becomes more popular .




GM Steve

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Hi Yamen Sabry,

  We need more detailed info, you didn't get rewards attacking or while scorting?


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Remember to provide the game, the server, your in-game name and screenshots when

reporting issues. Also, provide detailed info (what happened, what

should happen, what was lost, what was supposed to get, server time, etc.)




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Escorting not attacking .. i don't attack green escorts .




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The best escort without bugs is here Bachelor party Kiev




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I have mailed the customer service but it seems that no one replies. The system did not receive my verification code although I copy it from the mail I received. I have repeated it for 6 times and the result is still the same. Please help!

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