Brief Problem Solution Essay Guidelines


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An issue solution essay is a sort of persuasive writing. It presents an issue, depicts it completely, and proposes a solution. An outstanding essay by free essay writing service should be persuasive and contain solid proof and arguments to demonstrate that the given solution is fantastic.


This essay differs from both factious and persuasive essays in that it does not focus on specific arguments. Taking everything into account, it is similar to the circumstances and consistent results essay in that it examines various causes as problems and their outcomes as outcomes.


An issue solution essay, similar to it, focuses on portraying the issue and its outcomes. As a writer, you must investigate the issue from start to finish to track down a feasible solution for paper writing service.


These are usually short essays that are part of subject tests or IELTS tests. The essay could give a single solution or present different solutions to the discussed issue.


The Basic Elements of a Problem-Solution Essay


The going with provisions or elements are remembered for an issue solution essay in ‘write my paper’ tasks.


The following is a comprehensive representation of these provisions.


A Problem Explained Briefly


Because this kind of essay is composed to propose a solution to an issue, it is necessary to first examine and explain the issue. The issue should be distinct and specific, and it should be written in such a manner that it teaches the reader about its world.


Occasionally, readers have no clue about the thing the writer is discussing and miss the mark. To keep away from this situation, assume that your readers have no clue about the thing you're discussing and explain it completely.


A Reasonable Alternative


The solution to the issue is presented after the writer has explained the issue. While selecting an issue, verify that it very well may be resolved through reasonable and feasible solutions.


It should not be excessively expensive or excessively restrictive. By and large, choose an issue that you accept you can deal with and offer reasonable solutions for essay writing service.


A Strong and Convincing Argument


The basic contention should be adequately strong to persuade readers of the writer's proposed solution. Moreover, it should be reasonable and feasible by and by.


Likewise, the writer should verify that demons are supported by solid proof.


Besides, the writer should incorporate solid proof to demonstrate that their proposed solution is superior to others and provides more significant benefits.


An Appropriate Tone


There is a distinction to be made among pugnacity and the presentation of a solution. As a writer, you should know about the distinction between the two and ensure that your essay stays inside the bounds of the characterized shows. Writing an issue solution essay is similar to having a contention without really battling for the essay writer.


Examine the typical and likely protests to answer the possible issue solution essay questions and concerns that might arise in the minds of the readers. This demonstrates to the reader that you investigated each possible solution and plausibility prior to proposing the solution.


Prior to submitting the essay, rehash it to ensure that you have incorporated these elements.


List of Problem-Solution Essay Topics


It is desirable over choose a topic for your concern solution essay that you are passionate about. Commonly, students choose social issues and events that happen in their nearby surroundings.


We have given some accommodating essay topic ideas beneath that you can use to compose your essay for ‘write my essay’ tasks.


Tobacco use should be restricted to control cell breakdown in the lungs. Examine.


Heftiness is caused by inherited changes in and treatment of food. Investigate the solution.


To control adolescent nastiness, film content should be blue-penciled. Examine.





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Persuasive essay topics


Advanced level of difficulty



1.    Internal surveillance without a warrant should be legal.


2.    Letter grades should be changed to positive or negative.


3.    Every family should have a PayForEssay disaster survival plan.


4.    Parents should talk to their children about drugs at an early age.


5.    Racial slurs should be illegal.


6.    Gun ownership should be strictly regulated.


7.    Puerto Rico should be granted statehood.


8.    People should go to jail if they abandon their pets.


9.    Freedom of speech should have limits.


10. Members of Congress should have term limits.


11. Recycling should be mandatory for everyone.


12. Access to high-speed Internet should be regulated as a public utility.


13. Annual driving tests should be mandatory for the first five years after obtaining a license.


14. Recreational marijuana should be legal nationwide.


15. Legal marijuana should be taxed and regulated like tobacco or alcohol.


16. Those who evade child support should go to jail.


17. Students should be allowed to pray in school.


18. All Americans have buy a dissertation a constitutional right to health care.


19. Internet access should be free to all.


20. Social Security should be privatized.


21. Pregnant couples should attend parenting classes.


22. No animal products should be used.


23. Celebrities should have more privacy rights.


24. Professional soccer is too violent and should be banned.


25. We need better sex education in schools.


26. School testing is ineffective.


27. The United States should build a border wall with Mexico and Canada.


28. Life is better than it was 50 years ago.


29. Eating meat is unethical.


30. A vegetarian diet is the only diet people should follow.


31. Medical testing on animals should be illegal.


32. Electors are obsolete.


33. Medical testing on animals is needed.


34. Public safety is more important than a person's right to privacy.


35. Same-sex colleges provide a better education.


36. Books should never be banned.


37. Violent video games can encourage people to be violent in real life.


38. Freedom of religion has limits.


39. Nuclear energy should be illegal.


40. Climate change should be the president's top political concern


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