Suggest for AMZ.


17:51 01/09/2017


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There's some point that I want to suggest you :

1. Do a Scheduled Maintenance on Every Server.

As a player i feel so annoyed about the bugs (Specially for the World Boss Reward and Daily Arena Reward).
Do something about the BUGS !!!

2. Delete the Inactive Player.

There a several player that doesn't active anymore for more than a month. They just like a ghost, they always appeared but never play anymore..

3. Chose a Vet Wisely.
Now you have a lot of Vets, but only view of them that still active. Please chose wisely.
Make sure, they have a responsibility to do they job ( don't chose the greedy people that just want your 5K diamond).

Best Regard,
Spartan!!! (S58 - Basilisk)




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spartan did s58 work for you because i cant get on




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Give me a screenshot of what you are seeing please.