afther i make ma emblem finely t12i get a bug;it is not in enchant list


09:27 01/09/2017


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i finely manage to get the firelord stone,so i make ma emblem t12,furst all seems to look normal.

then i go to the list enchant but ma emblem is not in list so it is not posibel for me to enchant it any higher lvl.

it cost me alot time to get it and then i get a nice bug wel i ame not happy with it .

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 You need to provide basic info so a member of your game staff can check it.

  First please tell the game you are playing, then provide your server and in-game name(IGN). A screenshot showing the problem may help too.

Thank you ;)


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Remember to provide the game, the server, your in-game name and screenshots when

reporting issues. Also, provide detailed info (what happened, what

should happen, what was lost, what was supposed to get, server time, etc.)




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I have been told that the item can not be enchanted

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Enchant is so you can reset stats on divine weapon 2 bless

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