Basic Rules and Regulations of Court Marriage


07:29 08/31/2021


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According to the rules and regulations of the day court marriage in Delhi, the marriage does not require any particular formality on the part of either the groom or the bride. The judge presides over the case and he may ask the parties to prove their identity by presenting the certificate. Two witnesses are required for proving the identity of the bride and the groom, who are required to be present at the marriage. It is also required that the couple have been registered with the concerned office within a stipulated period of three to four days from the date of application. Two witnesses are generally not required by the Muslim law, whereas three witnesses are required by Hindu marriage laws. Even a video recording of the marriage ceremony is required to be sent through mail to the concerned office.

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The purpose of a court marriage is to legalize the joining of two people and grant them joint rights and obligations. Here you check this wedding guest dresses and learn more helpful fashion design about dresses. Although a court marriage follows the same basic rules and regulations of a private marriage, it has certain different specific requirements which cannot be met by every private couple. A court marriage also has certain specific requirements which cannot be met by everyone in their own countries of residence.