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I noticed when joining the Coliseum event that ppl are quitting the room and entering their alt account so they can re-enter their main to switch teams.  I was wondering what is this all about, for ppl that don't use alt accounts.  is it beneficial to create an alternate account for this purpose? I can't seem to keep up with everyone else. thanks for your tips. Cheers.




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Hi, first let me tell you that when a player leave coliseum the points he already gain will reset back to zero. There might be instance that he will enter it on different team or still come back in with the same team that he left on. Having their alt inside the game might be beneficial for him or for the rest of the players,  coliseum is a pk event where all players other than your team can challenge you, so more players inside more for you to challenge and earn points and streak as well.

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Your server has merged 1 4 8 11 12 14 so you have a potential to end up with 5 alts, if you don't know how to play alts then don't. There are simple games out there you can perhaps be more proficient!

Perhaps people are getting disconnected!! one wouldn't want to lose all their points, unless it is to NOT be on your team!!

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yes they do this to gain points i know they do it here. they leave early during the event then re-enter. yes they lose points but regain them easily. Now as for not wanting to be on your team... lol you never know...