WoW TBC Classic: Make the attunements for the upcoming raids now


03:59 07/04/2021


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In phase 1 of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic there is a lot to do apart from the level phase. We'll gradually gain access to all of the dungeon and raid challenges that are already available in Outland via reputation grind and various quests.

Anyone who is allowed to enter Karazhan and all (heroic) dungeons can start the next task right away. Because also for the upcoming raid challenges from phase 2 and 3 you need the completion of the attunement quest series. Some of them are so long and time-consuming that you shouldn't wait until the last moment to tackle them. On the contrary, our tip is: already master the entry requirements for the cave of the snake shrine and the eye. And you can already work towards access to the Black Temple.

WoW: TBC Classic - Step 1: Get the Attune add-on
We had already introduced you to the Attune addon in a special. At this point we want to emphasize again: In TBC Classic - apart from Deadly Boss Mods and an aggro display - there is probably no more important addon for raid enthusiasts.

It is not easy to keep track of all the partly interlocking entry requirements of Outland. And this is exactly where Attune comes into play. The add-on helps you through the clear display to keep an eye on your progress in the various prequest series. In addition, you always know what to do for the next step and how many challenges are still ahead of you. If you haven't installed the add-on yet: be sure to do it!

WoW: TBC Classic - The Attunement for the Eye
At level 68 you can set out into Shadowmoon Valley and start the eye-catching quest series in Shadowmoon or Wildhammer Feste. In both cases it starts with The Hand of Gul'dan. A total of eight consecutive solo assignments await you until you can finally start the "The Litany of Damnation" quest series at Oronok Herzeleid at Oronok's court in Shadowmoon Valley.

This quest line now branches out into three separate strands, which you can largely master on your own. At the end of the day, The Litany of Doom - Borak's Attack and The Litany of Doom are two 5-player challenges.

After completing this series of quests, you end up with Khadgar and A'dal in Shattrath. From the latter you will then receive the trials of the naaru. These are three quests for which you have to defeat the respective final bosses, loot items and rescue Millhouse Manastorm in the heroic dungeons Arcatraz, Shadow Labyrinth, Steam Chamber and Shattered Halls.

Once you've done all of that, after a stop at A'dal, you'll continue to Magtheridon's chamber, where you'll have to send the chief demon onto the boards. We emphasize once again: You definitely don't want to do all of this at the last minute! If you succeed in defeating Magtheridon, you will be rewarded with the key of the storms, with which you may enter the eye.

WoW: TBC Classic - The attunement for the cave of the snake shrine
As soon as you enjoy a respectful reputation with the Cenarion Circle, you can initiate this attunement. Visit Nar'iss the Heretic in his prison in the heroic slave quarters and accept the quest The Cudgel of Kar'desh from him. And what should you do? Well ...

Spoiler: You cannot finish this attunement completely yet. At the end of the quest series you have to enter, among other things, the snake shrine, the eye and the battle for Hyjal in order to fulfill certain quest objectives there.

Before that, however, you have to complete a number of quests in Shadowmoon Valley, and off you go with arcanist Thelis (seer, in the sanctum of the stars) or Anchoretin Ceyla (Aldor, in the altar of the Sha'tar) with the quest "Tablets of Baa'ri" . You can master many of the quests that are now pouring down on you by yourself. However, you can also expect a 5-player challenge that you should tackle as soon as possible in order to easily find players for the quest: The terrace of Ata'mal.

As soon as you have defeated Shadowlord Death Lament and then spoken to Akama at the guardian's dungeon, you can chill out. It will only continue when the serpent shrine cave opens. You can visit SSEGold if you need to buy tbc classic gold online to get a better game experience.




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