Suggesting a game in this website.


08:31 12/19/2016


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Called "Yitien Chronicles" .. It's a chinese gameplay. r2game created the game long ago but now it's closed. I was hoping this website can create similar game with active GM Vets and Updating the game for avoiding deliberations. Hoping for kind response for a christmad gift as a hungry gamer. I keep searching every month for the game but can't find one. Thank you for your time and consideration. Godspeed gamers.




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Thanks for your advice and your support to our games .We are also searching for interesting games ,and I will pass your advice to our devs .




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Yitien please. Recharge is waiting. 




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I know the game very well, I helped test it before pre launch at R2 games when I was working there.

Yitien closed because of a lack of player interest and the developers moved on to new projects.

Thats hard on players but to be fair, it can take a lot of cashing players just to cover the costs of running the game and development and if a game is not covering costs then the developers are not getting paid to do updates and patches on the games.

its the harsh nature of online gaming and why so many games last 2-3 years before they fade.....many of them never break even or cover the costs of running and development, its generally the bigger games that provide the cash flow that keeps the smaller games running