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18:48 01/28/2021


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Help me find beautiful wigs




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Congratulate me. I bought myself a new human hair wig and I'm just happy about it. It is made entirely from natural hair. It exceeded all my expectations.




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wow brilliant




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There are many wig brands on the Internet and you can choose the wig you like according to your hobbies and budget.

I know HD Lace WiG is popular now, but the price of it is about 200 dollars. Headband WIG is also a popular style nowadays. The price is relatively low, generally between $50 and $150.There is now a rebate season in February, and wig suppliers are offering some discounts.You can look at it and compare it.




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How to choose a human hair wig

Human hair wigs are made of natural human hair. These daily-wear wigs with have most natural feel and look. We carry on the reference choice from the hairstyle, the color, the hair cap, the size these four aspects.


If this is going to be your first wig, we recommend that you choose the hairstyle closest to yourself. Wear a wig naturally, without feeling uncomfortable or out of place.

Wigs come in many hairstyles such as curly hair, kinky curly hair, straight hair or body wave. If it's not your first time using a wig, we encourage you to break the rules. Try different styles and colors you think might suit you or something you've always wanted to try. 

Our suggestion is to stay as close to what you are familiar with until you get comfortable in your new wig!


Wigs come in a variety of colors. You can choose a wig of the same color as your natural hair color. In addition, you can find a wig that will flatter your skin tone.

Types of wigs

There are three basic types of wig caps: Full Lace wigs , Lace Front wigs, Mechanism wigs.

Full Lace Wigs are lace wigs which are designed with the entire wig cap being made from lace. Full Lace wigs are light and breathable and are hand-woven by workers.

Lace Front Wig has only lace in the front of the wig, and the rest of the wig is made up of an ordinary mesh wig cap.

A mechanical wig is a piece of hair made by a machine. Mechanical wigs are heavier and less breathable.

Price and breathability:

Full Lace wigs >Lace Front Wigs>Mechanism wigs


Once you've decided on a hairstyle and color, you need to choose a wig that fits your size.  If it is too tight or too loose, it is going to be a trouble wearing wigs on daily basis. Take proper measurements of your head size and buy the right wig.