Guide for transfer refine


13:23 12/12/2016


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This guide can help u learn how to do trasfer

Click on FORGE


When u click it will open a new window

On the right side u will see your equip E and what u have in bag. Now u see i have 170 refi on mine and on other 0.

I click on both and u see that mine 170 will be transfer to other one. Then click transfer.

So every time when u get new equip use this and u will have more and more refine on your armor

Some quest from Ginn give u equip with +5 refine, Mob drop +4 some +5 so before u use your refine stone use transfer to max armour to +4 or +5. Then use refine stone and in some part of game u will have like me 170 refine. U max now to +5 and use refine to rise to +6 and u get new equip use transfer from old to new so u will have on new equip +6.

I hope this guide is helpfull. Enjoy the game

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