Which one is better, an MT4 or an MT5, for Forex trading?


11:14 11/05/2020


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Which one is better, an MT4 or an MT5, for Forex trading?




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As far as I'm concerned they're both good but I don't use many indicators or robots. Mt5 has more options for these. I did read somewhere that with mt4 the broker can see what you're doing and thus rip you off but with Mt5 they can't. Whether this is true or not I do not know.

If the broker offers Mt5 I use it but it really makes no difference to me. I also use Oanda advanced charting which you can get with a demo account. It can really help in giving you a different perspective. The two finger swiping to zoom is really cool and there's a lot more space above/below the candles. The thing you have to be aware of is that mt4/5 is really designed for brokers as gives you the impression of being able to do really advanced techniques like running robots and all sorts of fancy wiz bang but the broker knows that most of this crap doesn't work for very long and that you'll most likely blow up your account within 3 months like the other 95% of retail traders.

Always remember, price is king. Indicators are calculated from price and therefore lag. Don't expect an indicator to tell you where price is going to go.




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Well, it is mostly the matter of taste. You can simply choose any. Great if it goes the right direction but losses can add up quickly. So I plan to work only with trusted brokers like these mt5 brokers https://www.forex-ratings.com/forex-brokers/mt5-forex-brokers.php, read about those companies and be ready to learn a lot. Sounds pretty much obvious but it is true. Good luck




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Hi! You choose the right place to ask this question. Because I do broking at least 6 years and I used MT4 and MT5. MT5 is newer than MT4, but these apps is made for skilled brokers. You need to start with the introduction what is the trade markets and i know best place for it. https://trade-in.forex/ is the site where you can learn basics. Then, try to start with the demo account and after that, when you surely be ready, start to make money. Good luck friend.




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