Please read this and don't make my mistakes.


09:45 10/15/2020


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I had everything: a beloved wife, children, weekend parties, coziness and home peace. I lost all this when I cheated on my wife. I would never have thought that I could really do it, but when the opportunity presented itself, I didn't miss it. I'm very sorry about the evening when it happened and I still feel guilty. My wife is a very bright and good person and I couldn't deceive her. So I told her about my betrayal. She changed abruptly in her face, and it seemed that she had aged in an instant. She no longer smiled as sincerely as before and spoke to me in a cold voice. It hurt so much to hurt her, but I made this mistake and didn't forgive myself. A week later, my wife gathered her things and our children's belongings, left me the [url=] California divorce papers [/url], and wrote a note in which she indicated that she simply couldn't live with this news. She wrote that she represented us with that girl every time I touched her. Now I'm alone, in our huge house. I can no longer hear the beautiful laughter of my wife, the voice of children. I'm broken and this is incorrigible. Please don't make my mistakes.




Threads: 0

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