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13:02 10/12/2020


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Hi friends, Does anyone know about the best divorce lawyer in Toronto. My parents needs to settle their divorce ammicably after 20 years of separation.  I have been seeking for a decision. My friend suggest me best divorce lawyer Toronto, Does anyone know about them?




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No, I never heard about it. But it all depends on how your parents want to divorce, peacefully, or they have claims to each other.




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No, sorry, friend. I've never heard about them. Probably they good, but not great. If you want to help your parents then I would recommend you contact the family lawyer services in New York. And hope they will solve your problems. Good luck, friend.




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This divorce lawyer in Toronto is terrific, and he knows how the criminal law works, and he does all his work around that. I think that is what makes him so good, you know. What do you think?