What do you do to take care of your mental health?


11:11 05/05/2020


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Suggestions appreciated whether big or small. Or maybe share your own struggles (to your own comfort) so we all feel a little less alone?

I feel like my mental health is deteriorating and I'm just crumbling a bit more every time I try to fix it.




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Both mental and physical health are essential for one's well-being so that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the best option. Sleep well, eat healthy, exercise daily, and avoid stress. Also, it's important to support the immune system, I take vitamins and CBD oil for this purpose.




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I can understand you, man. and I hate myself for being like this We  have to take care of our lives and our health! So is it time to use best CBD oils to relieve your stress and get rid of anger? you'd better buy it and try it. You become relaxed and feel so good and happy that you don't want to argue anymore so you will stay always healthy!




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We can easily take care of our mental health. I am a businessman. I was suffering from headache. Then i decided to wake up early in the morning and do some home workout. I saw some news on it. It really worked on me.