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22:42 04/07/2020


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What can you recommend for pain? My back hurts so much at the end of the day that it's hard for me to walk. I have no vertebral displacement. This is just muscle pain due to fatigue and stress. What can be used effectively for this symptom?




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I have the easiest recipe for you - best bath bombs. I did as follows. I was preparing a hot bath, adding a CDB, then I lay there for about 20 minutes. Enough for your muscles to relax. This procedure not only relaxes but also anesthetizes. Pain and cramping always overtook me in the evening, so I came up with this life hack.




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I believe that it is better to visit doctor and to receive the qualified help. It is much better than to read advice from the forum.




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Poor thing! I am really sorry that you are going through all this pain. However, you are not alone with this problem. As far as I know, CBD oils are usually used in such situations. At least, you can try them out and decided whether they are able to make you free from backache or not. This means helped me with a headache.




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The information on finding a good cure on this website, is quite reliable. However, I would recommend you to visit Chiropractic Centre to find the best cure and treatment for yourself.