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Classic because when buy gold wow classic eu it turns out they really enjoy that direction then WoW Classic will undoubtedly be massive. I also don't think that it's a downside that a class be a class and not a spec, as you said on screen the specs should've always stayed about having an augmentation to your class but you'd still remain that course, but they instead turned each spec into it's own course.

What I think is worth pointing out is that in vanilla it mattered which you just took the competitive courses to raids because overall folks sucked at WoW Classic compared to now, I believe you could almost definitely clear some of the raid content with any classes in the raid as long as you dont have too lots of the bad classes in there. In the end of the day there'll always be people who will pick the courses to perform the remainder, but if I return to WoW Classic (Ex hardcore raider) I may play among those less competitive classes, and determine how good I can get with this. Along with the idea that if you join a guild as any specific course and be genuinely made to play the spec that performs best is simply not accurate for 80% of the raiding guilds which will form.

I believe you're coming from a strange place if you appear to believe that people expect WoW Classic to be like a new adventure. People desired WoW Classic BECAUSE they played and knew WoW Classic, they did not need a new fresh encounter.

 Also only re-balancing the numbers is a dumb wow classic gold idea that I wager you gave no thought in any way. It could be fine in PvE but fostering damage or decreasing mana prices for weaker classes could have a massive impact in PvP, mainly for hybrid classes which are not nearly as weak in PvP since in PvE. Basically it's a horrible idea to alter the numbers only, they would need to change the classes completely if they had been to attempt to equilibrium vanilla. Why is it that people like you behave like PvE is the only thing which matters in WoW Classic and do not offer a single thought about how this affects the PvP'ers

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