Which platform is better for game development


06:18 04/01/2020


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Hey folks,

I want to know that which platform for game development, there are lots of things consider during these things, that's why i would take suggestion from you, i'm confused that which technology i should use, native or hybrid. i have planned that i'll use android app development first then i'll move to ios. but this is, should i developed on hybrid or ios.





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You can also develop a game for PC, just like how bowmasters game is developed, It is a mobile game that can now be played on PC. One of the perks playing it on PC, is bigger screen and better resolution. I can give you many reasons but that's just what I want to share




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It depends on what you want to see in the end. There are technologies which are good to start a marketplace website and games as well. All info about it here www.talk-business.co.uk/2020/01/15/everything-you-need-to-know-before-starting-an-online-marketplace/




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If you use Instagram you've probably seen the number of IGFollowers that there are. At the very least, you know how many people are using the site and how many people are actively following you as well. As interesting as it is to have a large number of followers, the follower that you truly want to have is an Instagram View. For starters, Instagram Views is free to purchase on the site. It's not clear exactly how much they cost, but the most popular purchase seems to be a pack of thirty views for around fifteen dollars.




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I prefer playiing on PC.




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