Why is moving so stressful?


13:49 03/25/2020


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Why is moving so stressful?




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At the core because we know we are mortal and have a primordal need to make our environment safe. Moving from a known place thru an unknown trip to a less known place can be dangerous.

However if one is moving from a dangerous place or even disliked place to one percieved to be safer or more friendly the stress is ameliorated. That may also be true if moving is more common or even routine.

And of course there are the normal prima facia questions. Moving away because you've married, divorced, new job to be nearer to family, or family or obversely away from either or both? Any of that may raise or lower anxiety.
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Well, it is not. if you hire a moving company. We moved last summer to another state and I thought it would be challenging and even stressful. Really my family is pretty big and I thought it would be awful. But it turned to be quite opposite. We used the best moving company https://primetexasmovers.com/ and I have no regrets at all. They worth every dollar spent
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