Is the Stellar Lumen (XLM) a good investment?


05:41 01/11/2020


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Is the Stellar Lumen (XLM) a good investment?




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XLM is getting recognized as major transaction coin and has very bright future. Big network is going to be built on XLM instead of Ethereum. This is great competition. I am personally not seeing ANY problems of XLM getting 3$ AT LEAST that year.

But here is the thing. For someone who wants to buy today, 3$ (if they happen) it will be only x5 growth. And for me every 0.001$ of growth adds $30.000 to my portfolio and in total it will be x2300 since initial investment.

Here you should just select: do you need that growth and do you believe in that project?

Hopefully, I helped! :)




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Well. I would recommend to check out Stellar Price Predictions Stellar is now one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies for profit. What other arguments are needed? For a long time I have been working on it and I know what a good profit is.