What is the best debt relief/debt consolidation program?


13:12 12/02/2019


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What is the best debt relief/debt consolidation program?




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Best one is not getting into the debt.

Next in line is working with the creditors to settle debt for a smaller payments - you can do it on your own, the intermediaries will charge you more than you can afford.

The next one would be debt consolidation - starting out with a huge debt load but paying off past creditors while becoming indebted to the current one.

And last one is bankruptcy - a nuclear button which will wipe out unsecured debts (NOT educational loans - for US geography) but will also ruin credit history and credit score for about 7 years.




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Hi, I have to say that I was very skeptical at first. Debt Magement by Debt Quest seemed to be the best program. And turned to be the truth. They were patient, informative, and really put me on ease with making my decision. I appreciate that they were very repeatable and that gave me all the options without pressuring me instead looking out for my best interest. 




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before making loans calculate the loan repayment period and the number of payments. Will you be able to repay this loan given your salary?




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You are right. You have to be careful with credits.  But loans and help out very much. I recently got into a difficult financial situation. 
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Good day. As I know there are many such different programs, it depends on your situation. I think you should get consultations from specialists in this field. Also if you will take loan I recommend to use online calculator from https://cashwagon.ph/loan-calculator/ to count  how much you will pay.