¿Hay bancos con condiciones hipotecarias favorables?


05:31 09/26/2019


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¿Hay bancos con condiciones hipotecarias favorables?




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Unfortunately no, for 2 reasons

1) its 37game.com that is closing the AMZ servers as they have the master servers

2) The back end we use to monitor the servers is 37game.com property but recharging and server data is AMZ property

our logs indicate about 200 total active characters at AMZ, including secondary and alt characters. Using IP tracking as a rough guide, the actual number of active players is closer to about 150 players across all regions....

We tend to open a new server when activity hits 400-600 players and 2000 sign ups and thats done mainly to limit possible lag and connection congestion....the servers can handle a lot more but lag is something that pisses players right off so we do all we can to limit it..... Update: Happy Wheels 3D.

IF 37game.com do not open a new server to absorb players from AMZ, then that only gives the players the option of joining existing servers... the same as what I did when opened the doors for french and german players to come to AMZ..... but from a players point of view, having to reinvest a lot of money and time to rebuild their characters on a new server ? Most players will say no, unless they are compensated with the money they have recharged, in order to rebuild their characters.....and that is not possible, cross platform......




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Friends, a very good forum, the main thing is not to pollute it with advertising.




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