Low Lvl Boss Campers


07:56 11/30/2016


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cant there be a way to get rid of the low lvl boss campers..

on every server u have them and they are a pain for everyone who wants to have a go at those bosses.

i got a idea, isnt there a way to make a kill counter on the low lvl bosses.

lets say per account u can max kill gorgon 50 times.. so ppl whit there main and alts in a party only can kill the boss 50 times and then it wil turn black, losses the drops  and the game forces them to move on with the game.. no more camping  andwe all get a chance to kill gorgon sometimes.. 

wel... thats my idea 

hopefully you see it too that its becomming a real pain for new beginners. they geting hold off by ppl who abuse the rules..

see u around..

A warrior from S34

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