Tips for Dating a girl on the beach


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Tips for Dating a girl on the beach
Summer, bright greens, intoxicating aroma of flowers - and so you want female attention that you are ready to give half the Kingdom for the gentle touch of a charming stranger. But the exhausting heat and the absence of even a hint of a light breeze do their job. All the girls, leaving the office, at cruising speed rush to the house, where they are waiting for a cool shower and air conditioning. And here it is not up to Dating, even with such a handsome man like you. The center of summer life are the numerous beaches of all the surrounding waters, where you can buy a stunning tan, substituting exhausted daily sitting in the office body and plenty of splash in the cool water.

Acquaintance on the beach allows you to choose a girl who fully meets your requirements for female attractiveness. After all, the beach is, after all, not an autumn Park, where properly selected clothes, skillfully applied makeup and high-heeled shoes help the fairer sex to confuse the passing guys and make the gray mice the most graceful cats. The beach is a expanse for girls with a stunning figure and not very pretty faces. To them rarely suited that on the streets, so lack of male attention they make up for in for three summer months and with easily go on contact. In addition, the girls on the beach are usually in high spirits. And the desire to escape from everyday life and a friendly atmosphere is the best impact on the process of Dating.
One of the key points that affect the result of beach Dating is your perception of the situation. If you perceive the acquaintance as a kind of exam for aptitude, the excitement is inevitable. And it, in turn, drags the confusion in the words, stuttering and not knowing what else to say. Girls are interested in self-confident, strong men. And the strength here is measured not by the inflated muscles, but by an internal feeling. Therefore, to get acquainted with the girl on the beach treat easily as entertainment on a Sunny day. It should be like a game of cards for you. Won - well, lost - too anything though had a good time. Girls, too, living beings and in acquaintance interested not less, than you. Or even more.

Can you imagine where her self-esteem would go if her towel-next-door neighbor was approached by a dozen interested guys, and not a single one? Therefore, starting Dating, you pursue a noble goal - to save her self-esteem, and not just looking for fun for the day, evening, and maybe all night. But do not rule out the possibility of failure. Some girls still go to the beach only to swim and sunbathe. If the first attempt was not successful, then do not worry, and go to the meeting to adventure and meet new girls! The beach is great!
If you did not finish the variety circus school in the class of clownery and do not want that the onlookers on the neighboring sunbeds were betting how soon this beauty with a stunning figure will send you away, then do not go around the girl you like. First, people just love to watch such performances. And secondly, during this walk around a woman, what you just do not think! Supposedly adjusting itself to familiarity, you simply nurture your excitement. You want this? No, not that at all. Therefore, as soon as you see a suitable object - legs in hand and forward, until you are ahead of a nimble fellow.
. Start a casual conversation with a woman - the easiest and simplest way to get acquainted on the beach.
In this case, it is necessary to capture the attention of the girl with the first phrase. Well, if it is a humorous, original and positive saying. Try to avoid platitudes like: How's the water? Warm?. There's a girl in front of you, not a thermometer. Over time, you will have your own list of first phrases and you will learn to improvise. But if the head does nothing comes, then below I'll share a dozen statements that will help to start the conversation:

Flippers and a mask You look very sexy!
Girl, for some reason I think you're bored right now. Let's pick up the shells together.
I never understood why girls have a negative attitude to sand castles. If you're not one of them, then let's remember childhood and build the castle of our dreams.
I bet no one's ever met you in the pool?
Hey, where did you get such a nice tan?
Please look after my things while I bathe.
Your butt is red! What are You smiling about?..
Girl, I see you're so good at swimming, could you watch me, because I can't swim at all. In gratitude, ice cream and coffee.
I'm writing a book on how to meet girls on the beach, and I'd like to ask you a few questions.
Girl! Be so kind as not to walk around wagging your hips past that old man over there. He already had two heart attacks! Walk better past me, I have a strong heart.

If the girl is set to communicate, be sure to answer in a positive way. And if not, then do not stop and experiment on other beauties.

Very often men, getting acquainted on a beach with the girl, make one very essential mistake which costs them effective flirtation. So, remember once and for all, getting acquainted with a girl, especially on the beach, forget that you need something from her. Talk with his friend or a friend, occasionally interspersing a friendly chatter with compliments.
Unfortunately, but with beautiful women guys often talk unnaturally. As with the boss, on which depends, they will receive a prize or not. It is the anticipation of the award and the fear of losing it that acts very negatively on the quality of communication with the girls. It will be useful and glancing at other girls during conversation. First, you will be distracted from obsessive thoughts and excitement will come to naught. Secondly, your companion will experience a slight prick of jealousy that will spur her. But it is very important not to overdo it, and then the girl will have a feeling that she is not interesting to you. Try not to cross that line.

If you notice that the conversation is somewhat tired girl, then offer her to play cards or any other simple game. When she is going to leave, then play a gentleman and see off his companion, even if she refuses.

2. If you're good at volleyball, then be sure to use it.
First, demonstrate your skills to others. At this time, select a few interested beauties, and then, come to the most charming and offer her to keep you company. If she agrees, I believe that a successful encounter took place. After the end of the party, start a light conversation or offer to hold, if she is going home. In case of refusal of the girl from the game, show perseverance, say that it is not enough for your team to win. And if she starts to say that she can not play, then offer your help and teach her. Here you have opportunities should be excellent for tactile interaction. You can easily put your arm around it in the learning process. But not too brazen, otherwise it will play against you. In this issue listen to reason and intuitions, not walk on about low-lying instincts.

3. Let's call it a lamb in a piece of paper. It is based on the love of girls for material signs of attention.
For its implementation will need not only your sense of humor, but also some material injections, which will pay off in the future.

Before going to the beach go shopping and buy some attributes that will help to interest the girls. It could be anything. For example, rose will give the impression of a sort of romantic handsome, prone to non-standard and original solutions. On the spot you will need to give the flower to the person you like and start a leisurely conversation in which it will be necessary to support and develop the created image. That is, in any case not to talk about how you've daspirtuli with boys in a nearby bar.
If your choice fell on ice cream, it is necessary to consider that it is necessary to spend the minimum amount of time on search of the girl. I do not think that the warm, sweet liquid, which was once an eskimo, will be interested in a beauty that has grown languid under the rays of the sun. In this case, it is better to choose a woman first, and then rush for the seal. If you manage to bring the delicacy in its original form, then consider that the beach acquaintance succeeded. You will only have to start a fun conversation and at the end to ask the interlocutor phone.

Fruits are also a win-win option. But you need to stock up on several types of fruit. You get close to a pretty woman, you start eating an Apple. When you catch her eye, you just offer her an orange. If she says Yes, then feel free to approach her and offer fruit and start a conversation. If the person you are not watching, then take hold of shyness, go talk to her myself and treat fruit. A rare girl will resist the temptation to taste a bunch of grapes on a hot day.
Agree, to meet a girl on the beach, it turns out not so difficult.




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From the point of view of men, getting to know the beach is easier than ever. But from the point of view of women, this is perhaps the most difficult task. Because on the beach there is a minimum of clothing and competition is the maximum. Men pay attention to matching clothes and your appearance. Therefore, it is not so important to trend your swimsuit or not. The main thing is that its style and colors fit you. At the same time remember that the openness of certain parts of the body is always welcome. But the measure needs to be known so as not to look too affordable.




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All the same, the beach allows only to see its physical data. But this is not enough for a serious relationship. To understand the true nature of the girl takes time. After all, this is important for a serious relationship. And the beach basically helps only fleeting meetings.




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Many guys were eternally interested in the question of how to get acquainted with the Canadian girl  easily and without any problems so that she would immediately like and establish further relations. Pickup experts assure that it is very important to learn how to flirt in order to make a good first impression on a girl, and then everything will go well. Flirting is the first step in getting to know a Canadian girl to show your intentions and your character as a whole, so first set your expectations at a reasonable level, setting a goal for directing your flirting, but don’t think about it in order not to betray yourself. Try asking more questions than telling about yourself. Find out what she does that she likes, or vice versa that she does not like. In the meantime, praise how she is dressed or pay attention to her jewelry accessory. Make compliments but do not overwhelm her too much so as not to create a false impression. If you want to continue to communicate with her, ask for a phone number or arrange to meet again. In any case, end the conversation on a good note, and only after you see her approval and desire to see you again.