I'm desperate


14:38 05/17/2019


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Hello. About two months ago I decided to live on my own. So I moved to a rented apartment, got a job. Everything seemed to be fine ... Only a week ago the company where I work closed and the landlord wants to raise the rent ... What should I do? Where to find a good job? By the way if suddenly you know write to me. I live in Cape Town South Africa




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Hey. My friend who lives in South Africa said she recently found a job at https://za.jobsora.com/jobs-cape-town for sure you can pick up a job in Cape Town. According to her, there are collected the most good and relevant job offers. In addition, the site can be accessed from any device which is very convenient.




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You always know when starting an independent life there are problems. The main thing is not to give up)) Especially since they wrote to you where you can find a job.