There was a time.


11:46 02/01/2019


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There was a time. I remember there was a time when I did not believe that you can really win money. What if you reach a certain level and knowledge in the field of sports betting. Then you can bet successfully at the bookmaker Pin-Up and what is interesting, there are people who can say from 10 bets 9 consistently win. You know such people? I like right now is about 50: 50 win And before, even so couldn't. I like to bet on volleyball. Where are you? Do you even play these games? Online or in real life?




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I think that in order to make bets you have to prepare for this for a long time. Love sports and choose your favorite team in some form. Try to make predictions for the final score. I love figure skating and would love to bet on my favorite pair. But this kind of sport is probably not in the bookmakers? I need to switch to boxing but I don’t understand anything about it. Do you bet on volleyball all the time? Or some other sport you like? You're lucky to get tips from friends. Appreciate it.




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To achieve the level of willingness to bet, you need a lot of work. After all, you need to make a bet on the final score of the game and you can guess it only to people who sent this gift. During the championship I tried to guess the outcome of the games and nothing worked out for me. True once guessed but this is not enough to make bets. Direct road to losing. I know some guys that they make bets successfully and I even asked them how it works. But they do not share their experiences with me. They say that it is their secret and it can not be disclosed. Devilry just some kind.




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Hey. I love to play in the online bookmaker Pinap. It seems to me that online is more convenient and easier to make your sports bet. Well, as for the office itself, before the Pinap I changed a few bookmakers, but each of them had a number of its own drawbacks. In Pinup, I like that there is communication with live dealers around the clock, so at any time I can ask a question that concerns me. Fast withdrawal winnings. Something like this.




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Zvonok! My opinion is that your friends are doing the right thing. If you had such an opportunity to predict predictions, then you also wouldn’t talk about it. Everyone makes bets for himself and should not care about his friends and acquaintances. So there is nothing to be offended by them, they are doing everything right. And I advise you to just carefully look at how they behave and what forecasts they make. Maybe even in this way you can understand the essence and start doing it yourself.