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08:38 09/27/2018


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- cosmetics - adding some individuality would be nice

- mounts would be cool

- Thralls should be alive at the beginning of any and all pvp arena battles - this should not affect their non-pvp-arena status. As currently designed, someone with very weak or no thralls can beat a much stronger pvp opponent whose thralls are dead from a previous pvp match or from the wilds. 

- Allow multiple UI windows to be open simultaneously

- Character textures should be drastically improved - visible texture seams on bare skin areas like legs look really bad, and even worse when zoomed in. I can live with and totally understand the need to keep texture sizes to a minimum to reduce scene load times, but the characters are the main focus and a little extra on them won't kill the engine and can be managed along with other quality options.

- improve thrall AI - the thrall are currently really dumb... They stand directly in the line of fire and completely ignore boss attacks. Also casting healing skills when the player is at full health is pretty annoying since the CD is so long. It would be cool if thrall heal skills were tied to the player's potion use slider.

- Separate player and thrall HP and MP potion auto-use percentage sliders

I like what I see so far and appreciate the active developers. Keep up the great work! 




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- Everyone loves the main player avatar portraits (especially the incredible brunette woman), and would love to have their character models more closely resemble their portraits. The current player models are a bit boring and lack inspiration.

- Add a variety of costumes and appearance options:

    - Offer the players new appearances that confer stat and maybe skill or talent bonuses

    - It would be nice if I could hide the helmet, and maybe the wings of my toon

- Add auxiliary items like a cape (hideable), amulet, etc...




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already short listed for a future update, as fashions tend to be a big money spender in gaming