RoG Update 1 AM US East server time. 1st of Sept.


00:01 08/30/2018


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RoG Update 1 AM US East server time. 1st of Sept.

Also S1-9 ( excluding S6 EU ) will be changed to cross server. This means that servers will share the same server platform but retain their server number and separate server ranking system

For players that are new to this system, the login does not change. For Players that have one account and characters on different servers, use a seperate browser for each character. IE S1 character on Firefox and S2 character on chrome.

S6. You will be updated to new version. we can not put you in cross server as you are the only EU server currently. We have not forgotten about our EU players. there are
plans for a new EU server

Please share your feedback, questions and suggestions. We understand that players may have negative feedback regarding the new version and cross server, please try to be detailed in your feedback but not abusive.

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