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13:53 08/19/2018


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Hello, I am Akyza from server 10.

I would like to make a suggestion / complaint about your game system ...

Nowadays, the player who is able to stay strong at the beginning of the game totally dominates the events, making it totally unmotivating for other players to continue playing. In this way, the stronger player prevents all others from being able to evolve as well ... soon, all the others stop playing the game because they die at any moment.

I believe that your system is dumb, because they are LOSING players and not winning ... soon, they lose money.

On server 10 there is a player who kills everyone who comes close to him ... looking at the 7 day missions, you still stimulate this type of behavior giving more resources to those who kill others more. Is the desire to make money from one player per server so great?

Wake up!




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I am trying to understand what you are saying.

By events are you referring to diamond mine and thrall arena?




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Even I have asked them to reduce the rewards of daily ranking system and reduce the rewards frequency.. Maybe weekly or bi-weekly can help others catch up to the top player. As per current scenario, anybody who is in top 3 during first 7 days will dominate the game throughout as they have so much resources that anyone below that ranking just cant catch up.




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A player that gets a good start on the game, is going to remain strong if they remain active.

If we reduce the frequency of ranking rewards, its not going to help players as many of them use the rewards to get stronger.