RoG S6 (EU Server ) Tanked Golem opening UTC+8


08:50 07/10/2018


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Great warriors. S6 Tanked Golem heralds the arrival of the first European Server for RoG.

The opening time for S6 is UTC+ 8 ( 9AM Europe / 4AM US East / 4PM oceanic )

It is with great pleasure that we share the news of the first European Server for ROG players who have been waiting patiently with baited breath and drawn swords, ready to charge into battle with team mates against wave after wave of elite bosses.....

We understand that Europe has a range of languages and while English is the primary language of the server, the GMs will work to help players that perfer to use other languages

We do want to share with players that guilds are coming to ROG. This is a often asked question and at this present point in time, we are on the 4th revision of guilds and how to make them a very good part of the game to enhance players gaming experience and provide more events and activities to do. This means we have delayed guilds for a few weeks but we want the best for our players.

We thank the players for their support and feedback with RoG. Our very active dev team is hard at work and we are regularly updating the game thanks to the ongoing communications with ROG players.

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