S1 and S2 are inferior versions of S3


15:42 06/20/2018


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Hello, I will preface this by saying that I am considerably annoyed by this, so please do understand that I might come off as a bit.. disgruntled during the thread. 

Now, when I logged into S2 today, the VIP rewards that we were supposed to get were nowhere to be seen. The system is bugged I was told - okay, I understand it can happen, no worries.

What I wasn't told is that apparently S3 has a better version of the game where the rewards do exist. 

Now my question is, why is that even a thing? 

Surely you can explain to me how only one of three servers - coincidentally the new one, is the only one that has things that work properly?

Okay, so VIP rewards don't work for us but they work for them - fine, I can live with it, systems do bug only for some servers some times, and it just so happened that we drew the short straw.

What about ranking rewards though? You can say that the VIP system is completely bugged, but the ranking rewards are plainly different. And it's not like they're any worse in s3. I would get more out of a couple of s3 rewards than I get from all my s2 rewards combined...

A comparison, just for the sake of giving an example, but this happens with all of them.

These are screenshots of the rewards on the BR rankings.

Please look into this. It's not fair to us, who supported the game early, to get things like those two issues.

I have grown a bit calmer while writing the thread - I am hoping that we will have these in a hotfix tomorrow and it will just remain a bad memory of an unlucky patch.

Please don't fail those who supported the game early on.




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1. Sorry about the vip package bug and this will be fixed tomorrow

2. the rank change because the drops change too, playing on  S3, you will notice .. no more boss thrall drop, no more gold equipment drop either.

3. only S1 and S2 have the benefit before the new changes.

4. We want to improve the game and when we do that, there will be sometimes be differences between different server.

5. We thank everyone for their continued support and we do want to make everyone feel better, each player is very important for us.

6 the ranking rewards will be fixed and all servers will receive the same rewards

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S1 and S2 were updated last night to match S3 and prevent a login issue with the shared world plan......the versions have to match in order to do that and currently S1, S2 and S3 were all different versions




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S3 is not better than the other servers. They all suck now and people are quitting the game Changes that were made were not from player advice like they say. They posted what they were changing and got little response to it. So their claims of changes being done on "player feedback" is bullshit.




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They are now the same version, not sure where you get the better than other servers, statement from

player sign up is higher now than when S1 opened.